Certificates of Analysis

At Hemp Berry we believe in building long lasting relationships with our customers based on trust and reliability. This is why we use an independent licensed third-party laboratory to do thorough testing on each one of our CBD products. Below are the current COA links to each of our Hemp Berry products. 



Arctic Blue 500MG Roll-On

Pain Relief 500MG Roll-On


160MG Massage Oil

350MG Muscle Relief Gel


Sleep-Aid CBD Tablets

25MG CBD Tablets

Energy CBD Tablets

10MG CBG Tablets

CBD Oil - Tinctures

1000MG Tincture - Natural Flavor

1000MG Tincture - Sweet Lemon Flavor

1000MG Tincture - Strawberry Flavor

1000MG Tincture - Blood Orange Flavor

1000MG Tincture - Juicy Grape Flavor

1000MG Tincture - Green Apple Flavor

1000MG Tincture - Sweet Mint Flavor


Mango Papaya 300MG CBD Lotion

Lemon Cookie 300MG CBD Lotion

Black Raspberry Vanilla 300MG CBD Lotion

Ambrosia 300MG CBD Lotion

Body Butter

Peachy Mango 300MG Body Butter

Cocoa Butter 300MG Body Butter

Ginger Lime 300MG Body Butter

Vanilla Pear 300MG Body Butter

Shea Butter 300MG Body Butter

Hair Care

Caribbean Coconut 100MG Shampoo

Caribbean Coconut 100MG Conditioner

Acai Berries & Lemon 100MG Shampoo

Acai Berries & Lemon 100MG Conditioner


Vitamin C 100MG Facial Serum

Supreme 100MG Facial Serum

Advanced Nighttime 200MG Nourishing Cream

Age Defying 150MG Wrinkle Reducing Cream

Morning Energizer 100MG Nourishing Cream

DMAE + Vitamin C 150MG Anti-Aging Cream

Mens Collection

BARBA 100MG Beard Conditioner

Pet Collection

250MG CBD Oil - Tincture

100MG Pet Shampoo