About Us

Based in the Pacific Northwest, Hemp Berry was founded in 2019 by TB&R Holdings who wanted to provide consumers with consistent high-quality CBD products - that those products would be made from organically grown, hemp derived CBD isolate containing NO THC. With their ISO 7 lab and more than six years of large scale manufacturing experience Hemp Berry was able to produce not only a wide variety of CBD products in their purest form but, also CBG and soon CBN products.

In the fall of 2019 Hemp Berry’s lab was tasked with producing CBD tablets in order to put consumers back in control of their dosage. Launched in the spring of 2020 along side CBD Sleep-Aid, CBD Energy, and CBG pills they became immediatly popular among consumers and distributors and recognized as a innovative and easy way to take your daily CBD & CBG.

Following the success of our tablet line, Hemp Berry’s R&D team along side the lab further increased their product portfolio and launched a wide variety of high-quality products including: 7 Flavored Tinctures, a line of Heating and Cooling-Roll-ons, and an Organic Pet Collection.

In the Summer of 2020 Hemp Berry once again expanded it’s product offering, introducing a high-end beauty line of CBD Lotions, Body Butters, Anti-Wrinkle & Aging Creams, along with Ultra Hydrating Moisturizers and Hemp Berry SPA- a line of Shampoo & Conditioners.

As 2021 begins we are privileged to connect hundreds of consumers every day to our exceptional products. We believe that by using Better Quality ingredients will lead to a Better Life.